Packed and Ready: Jakobsweg 2013

Packing is so very exciting. Even though this is my fourth year to walk a section of the Way of Saint James (Jakobsweg in German), and indeed the packing list is well-refined by this point, there are always lessons learned from past trips. So there are adjustments to the list. What is different this year?

  • First Aid Kit. In previous years, I really only had a “blister kit” plus a few bandaids. However, based on having some bloody scuffs and road rash on the last two times I’ve travelled, it’s time to actually bring appropriate supplies. So I have the Adventure Medical Kit 0.9, supplemented by antibiotics.
  • Raincoat. My SeatoSummit poncho, stalwart companion for the past walks, has been replaced by the Trekker from Ferrino. The poncho is incredibly difficult to don while walking alone, and provides no coverage below the elbow. The Trekker has a very full cut, almost like a poncho with sleeves, and covers over the pack.
  • Cup. I replaced my Guyot Designs cup-and-bowl combo with the lightweight versatile Titanium mug from Snow Peak. I’ve been using it as a teapot on my training hikes, and I really like it.
  • Local Cell Phone. Originally purchased for $40, but I found the number evaporated after 90 days, so I had to buy a whole new rig every year. Since I have the iPhone with me, I don’t save enough to warrant the weight. So I ditched both the phone and its charger.

So everything else is the same! Here’s the current packing list for reference. CSJ Pack List 2013

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