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2011: Final Preparations in Progress

It’s almost time to start this year’s walk. The summer has been busy, with the San Francisco Opera Ring cycle in June, a family visit at a Virginia mountain lake in July, and the loss of Sydney (old Doberman) and welcoming Sindee (new Doberman) last week. I have managed more, and longer, training walks this year. In fact I just mailed off completed 500k and a 30-event cards to the Volksmarch HQ. So their program has been very helpful to me in preparing this year.

In addition to the frequency and duration of training walks, I have also been sorting out the footgear system to improve the arch support. After many adjustments I have finally settled on an altered Superfeet insole (heel cup removed) plus a Dr Scholls computer fit orthotics. We will see how this goes! (Post script: This was not a good idea. The store-bought green Superfeet is the best arch support apart from prescription orthotics. Dr Scholls’ product collapsed after a week.)