Pilgrimage Resources: France

This is the place for all the information about the pilgrimage walk through France, from Le Puy to Saint Jean Pied de Port.


1. Miam Miam Dodo

by Lauriane Clouteau and Jacques Clouteau (in French, available from CSJ.org.uk or www.levieuxcrayon.com)

Translates as “Yum Yum Beddy-bye”, this definitive guide to lodging along the route is updated annually. Google Translate is your friend, and it’s not hard to figure out.

2. The Way of St James by Alison Raju (Amazon) comes in paperback and now on Kindle. Describes the route only, and interesting sites along the way. Very useful for sorting out those moments when the waymarks are confusing.

3. FFRG Guides (in French)

4. Map of all GR routes in France


5. Outdoor Guides (in German)

Frankreich: Jakobsweg Via Podiensis

6. Geneva – Le Puy (340 km)

General description and segment maps from Peter Robbins

Sentier St-Jacques – Geneve-le Puy GR65: FFR.0650: via Le Puy-en-Velay (in French)

http://www.ffrandonnee.fr/boutique/topo-guide.aspx?ref=650&t=gr&v=65 Topo-guide

Route guide from the Rhone-Alpes Amis des Saint-Jacques

Frankreich: Jakobsweg Via gebennensis – Via podiensis  (in German)

GitiHare Journals

Via Gebennensis (in German)


1. Superb site! Lengthy (set aside at least an hour) photo journal with commentary – traveled by bike in Sept 2003.  Start to finish. http://www.interam.com/camino/indexeng.htm

2. Something very powerful is calling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDOTJHbwRj4&feature=related

3. Nice YouTube video (terrific audio) on the Le Puy route. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5ch9jSaWkI

4. Video of LePuy to Conques (in French) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbkbzv_sur-le-cheminde-st-jacques-de-compo_trave

5. Blog in English of the entire walk from Le Puy to Compostela in 2010 – terrific pictures!   http://slowcamino.wordpress.com/category/a-the-start/

6. (German) Geneva to Le Puy to Estaing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkPz4MtVNO8&feature=related

7. (French) Geneva to Le Puy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=877YHJrErxQ


1. This site has the LePuy route, and the lodgings along the way, and the contact info. Everything need to make  reservations. Quotes prices. Generally duplicates info from Miam Miam Dodo but online, and only for those lodgings with email and web sites:  http://www.chemindecompostelle.com/Selection/CarteFrance.html

More lodgings:  http://www.chemins-compostelle.com/sommaire.html  (French)

And more lodgings: http://www.haltesverscompostelle.fr (French)

2. Once in France, from Strasbourg. http://www.saint-jacques-alsace.org/chemin.htm

3. New initiative to Vezelay. http://www.af-ccc.fr/chemin

4. Luggage storage in Paris. http://www.bluemarble.org/ParisLuggage.html




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