Pilgrimage Overview

This is the place for general information about the pilgrimage walks through Europe.

Pilgrimage in France                           Pilgrimage in Switz-Germany-Czech



1. Superb site! Lengthy (set aside at least an hour) photo journal with commentary – traveled by bike in Sept 2003.  Start to finish. http://www.interam.com/camino/indexeng.htm

2. Something very powerful is calling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDOTJHbwRj4&feature=related

5. Blog in English of the entire walk from Le Puy to Compostela in 2010 – terrific pictures!   http://slowcamino.wordpress.com/category/a-the-start/


1. There are a number of different routes to Santiago, see http://www.gronze.com/camino-de-santiago/mapas-generales.htm.

2. More maps. http://maps.peterrobins.co.uk/routes.html

3. Camino Planner for the routes through Spain: Camino Santiago (Roncesvilles to Santiago Compostela), Via La Plata (Seville to Santiago Compostela), and Via Podensis (Le Put to Roncesvilles) routes. http://www.godesalco.com/plan

4. A schematic Camino planner including the routes through Spain: http://www.elcaminosantiago.com/PDF/Map_Caminos_Complete.pdf


1. The de facto all-English-speaking pilgrim forum is https://www.caminodesantiago.me This forum has been collecting information on all routes in Europe since 2004.

2. The Americans have a site http://www.americanpilgrims.com/

3. And the Brits have an excellent site as well,  www.csj.org.uk/ including a bookstore for route guides.

4. Subscribe to mailing list at at gocamino-request@oakapple.net



1. There are several tour operators offering self-guided tours: hotel bookings, baggage transfers, meals, etc. Ramblers is one (Brit) – their tariff is GBP 864 for the same route, but there is a fixed group and tour leader (too crowded for my taste I think). Just found these others today; they include dinner and breakfast, and 1 or 2 star hotels. At 1150 euros ppdo, it’s a good indication of the trip cost. It appears that reserving in advance is essential in France. So there’s a tradeoff between expensive certainty and (hopefully) less expensive uncertainty. http://www.sentiersdefrance.com/pdf/C250-CL_en.pdf


1. You can see the Le Puy route (in France) and the Camino Frances route (in Spain) with photos mile-by-mile here: http://www.walking4fun.com/trails/

4 responses to “Pilgrimage Overview

  1. Hi, thanks for these pages. I’m doing some research on my ‘day off’ for the next section and remembered you recommended me take an alternative. Now I look at the detail I have a question. Did you recommend taking the Rocamadour one or the Cele Valley one? They both detour from the same place so it’s one or the other.
    Planning does takes ages on a mobile phone!
    Many thanks

  2. Nancy with Monday Hikers

    What a treat to hear an appetizer about your pilgrimage. I look forward to hearing more on future hikes. What an informative blog & resource! Thanks!

  3. I am already looking forward to the trip! Rachel and I talked yesterday and came up with the idea that if there are a lot of Gracies who want to participate, we could divide into smaller groups, so that it isn’t like coffee hour after church. We could even stagger departure times. I walked bits and pieces of the trail in Spain a number of years ago on an Elderhostel and loved it. Doing the entire trail eventually really appeals to me – not really excited about what that implies about my personality…..

  4. Thanks for starting this thread. I appreciate the distinction you make between tourists and pilgrims. Another dimension of pilgrimage that is important to me, personally, is solitude in community. By that I mean time for silence, contemplation, connection with nature and prayer while on the journey.

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