Pilgrimage Overview

This is the place for general information about the pilgrimage walks through Europe.

Pilgrimage in France                           Pilgrimage in Switz-Germany-Czech



1. Superb site! Lengthy (set aside at least an hour) photo journal with commentary – traveled by bike in Sept 2003.  Start to finish. http://www.interam.com/camino/indexeng.htm

2. Something very powerful is calling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDOTJHbwRj4&feature=related

5. Blog in English of the entire walk from Le Puy to Compostela in 2010 – terrific pictures!   http://slowcamino.wordpress.com/category/a-the-start/


1. There are a number of different routes to Santiago, see http://www.gronze.com/camino-de-santiago/mapas-generales.htm.

2. More maps. http://maps.peterrobins.co.uk/routes.html

3. Camino Planner for the routes through Spain: Camino Santiago (Roncesvilles to Santiago Compostela), Via La Plata (Seville to Santiago Compostela), and Via Podensis (Le Put to Roncesvilles) routes. http://www.godesalco.com/plan

4. A schematic Camino planner including the routes through Spain: http://www.elcaminosantiago.com/PDF/Map_Caminos_Complete.pdf


1. The de facto all-English-speaking pilgrim forum is https://www.caminodesantiago.me This forum has been collecting information on all routes in Europe since 2004.

2. The Americans have a site http://www.americanpilgrims.com/

3. And the Brits have an excellent site as well,  www.csj.org.uk/ including a bookstore for route guides.

4. Subscribe to mailing list at at gocamino-request@oakapple.net



1. There are several tour operators offering self-guided tours: hotel bookings, baggage transfers, meals, etc. Ramblers is one (Brit) – their tariff is GBP 864 for the same route, but there is a fixed group and tour leader (too crowded for my taste I think). Just found these others today; they include dinner and breakfast, and 1 or 2 star hotels. At 1150 euros ppdo, it’s a good indication of the trip cost. It appears that reserving in advance is essential in France. So there’s a tradeoff between expensive certainty and (hopefully) less expensive uncertainty. http://www.sentiersdefrance.com/pdf/C250-CL_en.pdf


1. You can see the Le Puy route (in France) and the Camino Frances route (in Spain) with photos mile-by-mile here: http://www.walking4fun.com/trails/


3 responses to “Pilgrimage Overview

  1. Nancy with Monday Hikers

    What a treat to hear an appetizer about your pilgrimage. I look forward to hearing more on future hikes. What an informative blog & resource! Thanks!

  2. I am already looking forward to the trip! Rachel and I talked yesterday and came up with the idea that if there are a lot of Gracies who want to participate, we could divide into smaller groups, so that it isn’t like coffee hour after church. We could even stagger departure times. I walked bits and pieces of the trail in Spain a number of years ago on an Elderhostel and loved it. Doing the entire trail eventually really appeals to me – not really excited about what that implies about my personality…..

  3. Thanks for starting this thread. I appreciate the distinction you make between tourists and pilgrims. Another dimension of pilgrimage that is important to me, personally, is solitude in community. By that I mean time for silence, contemplation, connection with nature and prayer while on the journey.

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