17 Jul 2017: Rest Day

Fortunately Madame does not have another guest slotted in for tonight, so I am able to stay over. This is the end of the walking season; the daily afternoon temperatures are so high, the authorities have issued heat warnings.

Instead, it is a day for the garden. Madame claims she is not a good gardener, only a good cook. But the surrounding lush greenery belies this falsehood. Still, we went to visit her cousin, a few doors down, who has a very productive vegetable garden. They picked fresh herbs, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, for a ratatouille for lunch, and a moussaka for tonight’s dinner.

Fortunately Madame speaks some English, and we have enjoyed chatting at meals. In addition to the bedroom I occupy, she has an apartment that sleeps four, with complete kitchen, all one would need for a week. Most of  her cooking is vegetarian with most of the ingredients from her own garden (some from her cousin’s, and eggs from the neighbor two doors down in the other direction).

This evening she had friends over, so we were six for dinner, very convivial. It is special to be treated like a member of the family!

We will see what the plan is for tomorrow, once tomorrow arrives.


4 responses to “17 Jul 2017: Rest Day

  1. Good that you are having so many different experiences on your Camino walk. The hospitality of your hostess seems to be right in the spirit of the Camino. Stay safe from heat prostrations. Lois

  2. So great to see how flexible you are with the plan. Best not to be locked into a schedule when it might not be so safe – due to heat or some other challenge. Sounds like you’re making lemonade!!

  3. Your food adventures such fun to read, and what a treat to have this experience in a family home.

  4. What a lovely respite. How will you deal with walking in the heat?

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