23 Sep 15: Lausanne

Distance: 10 km Total Climb: 100m Total Descent: 200m

After a very wet and windy night, dawn broke to a light and weakening mist. We set out on an immediate hill climb, which was at first glance gratuitous, until we came upon this historic and perfectly charming street.

Then it was downhill and across the river Broye, which had risen at least a half meter since we last saw it yesterday afternoon, and was now boiling merrily along. We continued along the riverbank at least an hour before turning uphill again. Darkening clouds loomed over the turkey farm and the single track woodland trail. As if we had planned it, the rain started the moment we sat down to lunch at the entryway to the Vucherens chapel, and ended with our meal. 

Not much further along, we encountered a woman walking from Lausanne to Strasbourg (northbound). With a donkey. In five years of walking the pilgrimage routes, this is the first time I’ve personally seen this historic mode of travel. Many times I’ve heard tales, so it’s nice to see in action.


Another hour and we found a bus stop at Eschedeboef, a couple kilometers before Montprevere. It was equipped with a bus, which we quickly took advantage of. Line 62 runs to Cloisages, which is the transfer point to Lausanne’s Metro. Five stops on, at Ballages, we left the Metro and once on street level it was only two blocks of level walking to the Lausanne Cathedral. 

Just as we entered, there was a guided tour beginning – in English! So we took advantage of that too. Much interesting information on the Swiss reformation as well as the construction of the cathedral and its role as a pilgrimage site.

And that was the end of this year’s pilgrimage. I travelled onward with Beatrice to their home north of Lausanne, where I will visit for a few days before returning home on Sunday.


7 responses to “23 Sep 15: Lausanne

  1. Congratulations! I’ve loved following your journey. You do a superb job of passing on information to both entice others to the walk and guide them in the things to pay attention to. Looking forward to hearing more stories in person!

  2. It’s been great to follow your journey! Look forward to seeing you soon. FM

  3. Yay! It’s been such fun to travel with you. An impressive pilgrimage. Thanks for the updates and photos (though none of you?). Looking forward to welcoming you home and back to rowing.

  4. Your last day sounded like the perfect way to finish up this year’s pilgrimage. Love the lady with the donkey. Was she doing the whole Walk or just a section of it? Enjoy your time in Lausanne. Lois

    • The Way of St James (Jakobsweg / Chemin St Jacques) runs generally northeast to southwest. The lady and donkey were walking due north from Lausanne to Strasbourg. I’m afraid I don’t know which route she was following; there are a great many long distance walking routes here. Switzerland alone has eight transnational routes, never mind the regional ones. France has 100,000 km of marked routes. Walking is a popular pastime here.

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