22 Sep 15: Moudon

Distance: 17.5km Total climb: 181m  Total descent: 365m

Breakfast at the abbey was generous: brown bread with butter and jam, choice of yogurt, three cheeses, coffee and tea. And do your own dishes, thanks. The Congolese priest joined us, making for a merry start to the morning. 

We got underway at a decent hour, stopping at the abbey church to see the modern stained glass windows, by British glass artist Brian Clarke.

 Then it was a lengthy climb uphill (Romont could easily be categorized as a “Hill town” in the French sense) to see the Church of the Assumption (Stiftskirche Maria Himmelfahrt) and its remarkable modern stained glass windows. 


The route led down to cross the valley, up and over a very exposed pastured knoll, and made a long descent down to the valley of the river Broye. The last two hours were a pleasant and park-like farm road along the river to Moudon. Definitely not remarkable scenery, and I was cheered to have the companionship of Beatrice along an otherwise rather dull section.

Our lodgings tonight are on the main square, directly across from the St Ettienne church, which also has modern stained glass windows, by yet a different artist. I do not know the source of this fondness for modern glass, but it is definitely the high point of today’s walk.

This is the season for game, so when the hotel restaurant had venison as the daily special, I could not resist.

(Note to readers: pictures from the past few days have now been updated to the previous blog posts, now that I have wifi access.)

Lodging: Hotel Chemin de Fer


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