17 Sep 15: Schwarzenburg

Distance: 15.9km Total climb: 160m Total descent: 130m

What a day of joys and sorrows! The dawn was overcast and there had been light rain intermittently overnight. And the forecast was for a chance of rain early, with certainty later on. So after a small breakfast in the bakery workroom, I rigged for rain and set out. (Rigging for rain means: pack cover on, hat off, Ferrino Trekker hiker raincoat on, gaiters on)

Through mist that grew progressively more serious, I made my way up the big hill of the day. It would have been a nice walk with a gentle grade on a sunny day. After 45 minutes though, what we had was real rain, and wind that was blowing the rain nearly horizontal. The eaves of a barn in the hamlet of Thomwil offered me a dry and sheltered corner. In another 45 minutes things let up a bit, and I was able to progress another 100 m before the next wave of wind and rain. Fortunately this was a road junction with a bus stop and a shelter. 

By this point I realized I was damp all the way though and cold to the bone. The Trekker raincoat was not as waterproof as it should have been. Time for a fleece and an additional jacket. And a little exercise to warm up again.

I had just begun to consult the transport apps on my smartphone for some ideas as my next step when I got a text from my Pilgrim Friend that the weather report for the afternoon is for a lot of rain, and could I use a lift? (As in, if what I am looking at is not considered “a lot of rain”, then I’m not sure I want to see what is!) What an angel! Since I had not received a response to my reservation request at the Heitenreid monastery, we agreed the nearby town of Schwarzenburg would be a better choice. It has a train station as well as bus connections. And TripAdvisor showed a Gasthaus nearby.

Gasthof Bühl offered several lovely lunch plates. I had the cured pork loin in mustard sauce, with potatoes and green beans. A very rich cream of vegetable soup was a fine starter for such a day of miserable weather.



Gasthof Bühl, 3150 Schwarzenburg, +41 (0)31 731 01 38 , http://www.gasthof-buehl.ch


3 responses to “17 Sep 15: Schwarzenburg

  1. So happy for you that you have met folks who really do become companions on the journey!

  2. Love your writing…Love the food descriptions & pictures!

  3. angels! love ‘em! glad you’ve got one with you right now!


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