14 Sep 15: Spiez

Today is a rest day (Ruhetage) for me; usually I try to plan one every week. Ralligan is about halfway down the north shore of the Thunersee and Spietz is opposite on the south shore. There are two ways to get there: one, going around the far end of the lake by way of Thun, the other taking the ship directly across. Much as I like ships, buses are faster, cheaper, and more frequent.

  So I visited Thun and its well preserved old town (Altstadt), then bused down to Spiez. An ideal rest day would not involve the pack at all, but I was carrying it some, it seems.

Like the other B&B places I’ve stayed, this one is a clean and modern private home in the suburbs, with no nearby restaurants or groceries. If staying at a B&B do have your big meal at midday in town, and restock your larder for a picnic dinner. My hostess tonight is quite a character – she does historical reenactment with several different characters (mostly blue collar women from a century ago) and is well known in these parts. It was a real treat to meet her and hear her story. Not to mention, she makes a dynamite banana-rhubarb conserve for the breakfast table. She also has written directions for regaining the Jakobsweg without having to go back through the Spiez train station.


B&B Eva Frei, Studweidstrasse 38, 3700 Spiez, +41 (0)33 655 05 66 , Eva.frei@bluewin.ch


One response to “14 Sep 15: Spiez

  1. Sounds like you have earned that rest day and should just enjoy it! Keep on blogging! Lois

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