7 Sep 15: Einsiedeln 

Zurichsee looking south

Zurichsee looking south

Since the rest of Central Europe is convulsed by the refugee crisis, I wondered how things would flow at my layover in Frankfurt. The answer is: mixed. Despite valiant efforts by the queue marshals at every station, the inspectors are still their excruciatingly thorough selves. Inspection standards at security checkpoints are more stringent in Germany than when I left the US yesterday. Liquids in their quart bags must be separated, e-book readers must be removed (putting them in he laptop category), and all accessories (scarves, hats) as well as jackets must be removed. Unlike the previous trip, I still have my e-reader in my possession.
Frankfurt Airport has quite a few panini counters and a few healthy-fresh takeaway delis, as well as decent sit down brasseries. My plate of grilled Nürnberger sausages with mash and a local craft IPA really hit the spot.

Zurich airport must have had a re-do by the HGTV people; that’s my only explanation for the granite-everywhere. It does have excellent rail connections, if one remembers where to find them. So, just for reference, an S-Bahn is not a tram. The S-Bahns are in the basement along with the long-haul rail, while the trams are at street level. The S-Bahn (suburban rail) ride down to Einsiedeln was just exquisite: a sparkling blue September sky, white sailboats dotting the Zurichsee as if they were swans – and we also had some of those swans. I settled myself into the same lodgings I used on the last trip (Zum Webstuhl), and got caught up with the host. Afterwards it was time for a quick grocery hit for a light picnic dinner and some sandwich makings for tomorrow’s lunch.


Gästehaus & Pilgerherberge Zum Webstuhl, Wänibachstrasse 22, 8840 Einsiedeln,  +41 55 412 4304/ +41 77 412 6139 , bab.webstuhl@bluewin.ch


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  1. Thinking about you — be well!

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