6 Sep 15: Leaving Home and Entering the Pilgrim Mind

How is it the Universe knows when you are trying to leave town, and the tasks on your to-do list multiply three-fold? But I managed to get most of them done – despite the power outage this morning. What is done is done; what is not done is not done. So be it.

The cheerful acceptance of this hard fact marks my entry into the Pilgrim Mind. In which, one is grateful for whatever is received. In which, schedule is a general concept. In which, everyone you meet is a contributor to the journey. In which, there is a difference between needs and wants. In which the journey is entered into with the expectation that plans will not execute as originally anticipated, and the results cannot be planned. And in which, time moves at a walking pace, allowing so many more details to be observed along the way. Still, this transition is not a quick thing – usually it takes me about a week. Pilgrimage is an experience that unfolds in its own time.

2 responses to “6 Sep 15: Leaving Home and Entering the Pilgrim Mind

  1. Great summary of how to live life, holding it lightly. Thanks! Best to you as you journey. So pleased to be able to follow along, even a bit.

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