10 Jun: Einsiedeln (Recovery Day)

Today was for recovery. Not so much me, myself, mind you – as much as to retrace my steps a few days by train to recover a personal article left behind a few nights ago. The train connections here in Switzerland, especially the Zurich region, are truly excellent.

And so I got an all-day pass and headed back to Fischenthal, where I completed my errand and had a nice lunch at the Gasthaus Blume, where we had stayed earlier in the week. Then, for the return trip, I headed in a loop north through Zurich before turning south again to Rapperswil. This routing let me see some different valleys as well as the north end of the Zurichsee. It was a lovely, mostly sunny day.

I can see, with the trains, that people commute from fairly far out. That is how all these lovely small towns are surviving – someone has a day job in a bigger town. Still, I marvel at the major investment in the heavy rail transport system. There are spur lines everywhere! And the rolling equipment is different too – I see much steeper grades on these lines than in the US, and we’re not even really in the mountains here.

Having had a nice restaurant lunch, I went with a picnic for dinner. There is a small but well-supplied grocery near my B&B in Einsiedeln, and they have nice produce, prepared sandwiches and salads, even fresh fruit tarts. It’s a nice option where a salad, a plate of pasta and meatballs, and dessert runs $26.

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