8 Jun: Rapperswil

Distance: 17.5 km
Elev: 18 m up, 356 m down, net – 338 m

It’s Saturday morning, and the Swiss are up and about. Some are working the hay fields (an ongoing project every day). Some are cycling (we were nearly mowed down by the peloton several times). With all these hills for training, I don’t think I would ever bet against a Swiss cyclist.
We followed the valley for a while, seeing mountain vistas ahead, and spotted some ski jumps.

Then the route turned uphill, and we had gorgeous views of the Zurichsee valley and the mountains to the south. Just jaw-droppingly spectacular scenery. We had lunch under a shady tree with a million-dollar view.

Then it was the long slog downhill. On the outskirts of Rütli, which the route detours around, there was an old women selling coffee and cake on her porch. So we enjoyed a cool drink and some rhubarb tart – just the best break from the hot afternoon. We also picked up bread for tomorrow.

Rapperswil is a good-sized town, and would warrant a day for exploration on its own.

Dining. The Cafe Rossini is very near the Herberge and had outdoor seating. I had the daily special, linguine with squid and shrimp in a light tomato sauce. Tasty!

Lodging. We are at the Pilgerherberge only a block from the lake, behind the Rathaus. It is possible to make advance reservations online, but we were successful by telephone. Friendly host, modern and comfortable facilities. Very highly recommended.

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