5 Jun: Tobel

Distance: 13 km (plus 6 km detour to Loomis)
Elev: 115m up, 89m down, net + 26m

A beautiful morning with a cloudless sky and my Swiss friends and things are just lovely. We passed interesting old houses and an old mill, as well interesting new houses.

We climbed a meadowed ridge with spectacular views of the Alps foothills to the south.

The chapel at Kaltenbrunnen , where we ate lunch, has a St Jakob window and a pilgrim stamp.

From there we detoured along the bikeway to Loomis, where there was a noteworthy Gothic church with a lovely baroque altarpiece.

Also the interior has been painted – a very worthwhile detour.

But it was a warm and sunny afternoon, with the roadway offering no shade, so we wandered through some forest paths that were trending in the right direction and eventually arrived at Tobel.

Dining. Restaurant Löwen, two blocks down the hill from Frau Feuz’ place, is the nearest and very neighborly. We had cool drinks there in the shade during the afternoon, while waiting on the clock. Dinner was a terrific vegetable soup, nice salad, very tender veal cutlets pan-fried with rice and gravy.

Lodging. We had booked private rooms with Frau Feuz; there is a lot of this in Switzerland – which makes having local language speakers in the party very helpful. The peculiar practice with these lodgings is, you cannot gain entry until 5 pm. No sense arriving early, one can’t get in. So we had elected the Loomis detour as a way to kill time. I forgot to mention that the Herberge yesterday had a pocket-sized list of accommodations (I meant to pick up a copy). The German guidebook only lists a few for each town.

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