4 Jun: Märstetten CH

Distance: 13.5 km
Elev: 146m up, 42m down, net +104m

After discovering the Kreuzlingen tourist office did not open until late morning, I continued on, climbing steadily, through wooded greenbelts until breaking out for a last vista of the lake. The Jakobsweg is called the Via Jacobi in Switzerland, and the markings are different.

The route marking is frequent and consistent. The trails are well maintained, well drained, and in excellent condition.

Some sections are steep, but fitted with handrails and steps.

The answer to the question, “When do the walkers show up?” is … Today! I had one German woman pass me early in the morning, and another two at lunch. Shortly after, a Swiss couple (from the French-speaking section) caught up with me, and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon working our way past spectacular vistas and painted farmhouses with beautiful gardens until we arrived in Märstetten.

Dining. We enjoyed a cold drink at the Cafe Kanape on the main street in town, 10 minutes away. For dinner, we had nice meals with big salads at Restaurant Rössli, across from the church, 5 minutes away.

Lodging. There is a pilgrim hostel, with phone numbers posted on the door for the host-on-duty. Ten beds in two rooms, one bathroom and an auxiliary WC accessed through the garden. Also a kitchen, and a small grocery across the street.

And a full house! The two Swiss, myself, two Germans, and four women from Singapore. The morning start was a bit trafficked, but we all managed to get started, at staggered times.


One response to “4 Jun: Märstetten CH

  1. Oh, so beautiful!

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