2 Jun: Konstanz

Distance: 11.5 km to Meersburg, then a ferry to Konstanz
Elev: 35m up, 75m down, -35m net

The birds were singing, but it was off-and-on again showers all morning. Sometimes it was just a light drizzle, the sort that counts as a sunny day in Seattle. The route was very wet, as you can imagine from several days of heavy rain. But the actual walkway was for the most part well drained. There were a few exceptions, however.

This last really is the Jakobsweg, not a stream, regardless of the appearance. The ducks were swimming around and invited me in. However I decided on the field alongside instead; it was no cakewalk, as I acquired an inch-thick coat of mud all over my boots. That stuff is heavy!

The fields really were soggy. I passed a place where the Windhund club was holding a meet; lots of greyhounds and Afghan hounds in evidence.

One fellow had taken his Land Rover off the roadway to dodge around an immobile RV (caravan), and got stuck in mud up to his axles.

Eventually my mud and I made it to Meersburg, which is an absolutely lovely town on the east side of the Bodensee. Some friends used to spend time in the many vacation rentals advertising here; I can certainly see the appeal!

However that will have to wait for another trip (I keep saying that, don’t I?). As a Pilgrim comes down to the water, there are two ferries. To the north a few blocks, the car ferry runs year-round and arrives at Staat, a town 5.5 km north of Konstanz. To the south a few blocks, the passenger ferry runs during the “good weather months” (ahem) and arrives at Konstanz market square. I found the ferry pier, and it was time for a boat ride!

Dining. Time for a change of pace. The China Restaurant is on the market plaza, just around the corner from the hotel. I must confess, it is truly mind-bending to be ordering Chinese food in German. A wilted spinach salad and duck breast in preserved-ginger sauce. Very tasty, but see my pricing comment below.

Lodging. I’m at Gasthof Centro, right across from the train station. It is an excellent location and the room is modern and comfortable. However – start rant – the desk staff has a problem I have encountered elsewhere in Germany. Someone really should train these people! Guest arrives, says she had a reservation. Clerk spends a long time proving there is no reservation and this situation is not the hotel’s fault. All the while, there are rooms available! It would be so easy to train them to say, “I’m sorry, there seems to be some problem with the reservation, but we do have a room available for you.” how hard is that? (stop rant) Sorry to bother you with my complaints, but if you walk this way, you will doubtless encounter this situation.

The other travel issue here in Konstanz – and I fear it bodes ill for the continuing trip into Switzerland, is that prices for everything (room, meals) is 30% higher than my earlier experience in Germany this trip. And I’m still in the Euro zone!

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  1. Loving your stories!

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