31 May: Meckenbeuren

Distance: 15.5 km by trail
Elev: -45m net

The weather report is saying winds 20-30 mph today with 90% rain, total half inch. Tonight winds 10-20 mph with 1-2 inches. Tomorrow 5-10 mph with 1-2 more inches. I think I don’t need to be brave/foolish. Looks like a washout for these two days. (Not bad for a month o walking, actually.) Fortunately there are good transit connections, even if they are not intuitively obvious, and require some asking about.

It might be a nice walk in decent weather; I could see the gentle ridge line running north of us on the train.

Immediately opposite the train station (on the west) is a small collection of stores: supermarket, drugstore, etc. The center of town is a block east, and a bakery. The hotel is further along, maybe a km easterly from the train station, on the edge of town, across from the athletic fields. So, while it is not conveniently located, it may be the only choice here.

Dining. The hotel restaurant calls itself the “Schnitzel House” for good reason. For a small place, mostly a neighborhood pub, it’s perfectly adequate.

Lodging. I’m in the Hotel Wiesenthal, where the hosts were very accommodating of my pre-noon arrival in the pouring rain. The room is modern and spare, but has all I need.

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One response to “31 May: Meckenbeuren

  1. wow, are you really getting the weather on this trip. Seems to me you should be home soon. Dallas

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