30 May: Rest Day in Ravensburg

I rested! I slept late, had a leisurely breakfast, and marveled at the industrial-strength pod-type coffee maker on the breakfast buffet. Then I watched a bit of the Corpus Christi festival procession from my window, read some more, and I went out foraging for lunch as the hotel restaurant was closed.

A note on geography, as some of you have sent me notes about Regensburg; alas, I think it is a
case of “right church, wrong pew”. Regensburg is in southeast Germany, in Bavaria, near Passau, on the Danube. Lovely place, I’ve been there, their cathedral boys choir is world famous (Regensburger Domspaten). But it’s not where I am. Ravensburg is in southwest Germany, in Baden-Wurtemburg, very near Lake Constance.

It’s the Germans’ fault, really – they recycle many city names. I’ve actually been through “Heidenheim” twice on this trip, less than 30 miles apart. Then there are the two Frankfurts: F on the Main and F on the Oder. I almost bought a train ticket to Biberach for 66€ last week, when all I wanted was a short hop to a town of the same name, on a different river, 3€ in the end. When we were employing a researcher to delve into missing great-uncles, I was all excited, thinking we found the right guy and place; alas, one of a dozen towns with the same name. Puzzling!!!

Regensburg was lovely! Ravensburg is smaller but also very nice.

Dining. Lunch was down the block at a sister establishment, the Gasthof Zum Engel. Very nice place with gemütlichkeit, that coziness much beloved here.
There’s a standard method to achieving this: the seating along the outside walls is a continuous bench seat, backing up against those hot water radiators. Add lots of real wood (furniture, floors, ceiling) – who wouldn’t feel cozy?

The daily special was “green noodles” with mushroom sauce, and a side salad. Highly recommended!

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