27 May: Bergatreute

Distance: 14.5 km (12 to Gwigg plus 2.5 deviation to Bergatreute)
Elev: 15m up, 15m down, 0 net

So many times I have mentioned breakfast, but I haven’t actually shown you. Here is this morning’s breakfast, which is fairly typical. There is always an assortment of bread, an assortment of cold sliced meats, an assortment of cold cheeses. There may be yogurt, muesli or other cereal, fresh fruit (whole or compote). Butter and jam (apricot and sour cherry are my favorites). About half the time there is a soft boiled egg available.

I was a little slow out of the starting blocks today, waiting for the last of the cold front to pass on through. This is a significant improvement! The sun is shining, the breeze is gentle but cooling, there is no rain, and the afternoon should see the high 50’s F.

Bad Waldsee is only an hour’s walk through forest, along a golf course, and by pretty suburban gardens (lots of rhodies, Japanese maples, and hedges made from a small-leafed photinia that almost looks like a red-leafed boxwood). People are taking advantage of the lovely morning to run errands, walk the dog, and ask me where I’m going. One lady had been to Santiago. A retired nurse enjoys hiking the nearby area, but the dog and the cats keep her from walking the Jakobsweg.

This is a lovely town; sometime I’ll return and spend several days here. The waymarking avoids the city center in favor of quiet backstreets, as usual, but this is not helpful today. Since my evening’s lodgings are room-only (the dreaded rest day/Ruhetage
for the restaurant) I wanted a nice hot lunch. This turned out to be pizza, just before leaving town, which hit the spot.

The afternoon was a mellow route through meadows and a few woods, with a road march on asphalt for the final hour, as I deviated off the Jakobsweg for lodging at an appropriate distance. Some of the dairy cows are getting to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. And I got my first look at the Alps.

Dining. Pizza at an Italian place just around the corner from the Esso station, right on the Jakobsweg headed out of Bad Waldsee. Tasty food, speedy service, friendly family-run atmosphere.

Lodging. Gasthaus Adler in Bergatreute is a big barn of a place, a long block south of the center of town. The room is spacious and has everything I need, including functioning heat. Since they opened up just to make a room available, I really can’t complain. Free wifi.
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2 responses to “27 May: Bergatreute

  1. Wonderful journey

  2. Really looks beautiful. Wow!

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