26 May: Matthausen

Distance: 18.5 km
Elev: 100m up, 75m down, +25m net (585m actual at end)

The convivial crew from dinner made an equally convivial crew at breakfast, although folks were a bit down that Bayern won the world cup, while their local club Dortmund lost (both German teams – a first!).

Today is a moderately long haul; yesterday was a short day because the next town, the preferred destination, was full (and I’m very glad how that worked out). The preferred destination today would be Bad Waldsee, but with the extra distance from yesterday’s stage that would make it 23.5 km today, which would be too much even in good weather.

The route came through Steinhausen, with the German Baroque church of the day.

Then crossing several forested hillsides and passing graves of French soldiers who fell here during the Napoleonic wars, as the sky darkened and the wind rose. Gregor overtook me mid-morning and we walked along together until after lunch, when he needed to pick up his pace to make Bad Waldsee by evening.

The wind had become annoying; I was “rigged for rain” over the fleece, just because temps in the low 40’s F and winds in the mid-20’s mph make for an uncomfortable day otherwise. But, the majority of the time, the forest was a windbreak.

About the last hour, the occasional drizzle became a driving rain. I stayed on the highway at the last junction, not wanting to be on a ridge top in that wind. Fortunately a bike path was soon paralleling the busy road; it did nothing to improve the weather, but it certainly improved my safety. And my lodgings for the night were on that road, a grim half hour later. Ah, to be so grateful for warm and dry! (Also this gave a good test of the Trekker raincoat in the wind; I continue to be very happy with it.)

Dining. The hotel restaurant serves spaetzle with every single entree. At least with the Roulade/i>, it was on the side. And the soup, a rich and buttery cream of (some) vegetable, was tasty and warming.

Lodging. Hotel-Landgasthof Kreuz is directly on the Jakobsweg and directly on a main road, so it is very accessible. Restaurant is open throughout the afternoon as well as the evening. Wifi costs 3€ for 6 hours of connection time.

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2 responses to “26 May: Matthausen

  1. It certainly sounds like you have had some sorely trying days. I hope things are looking up a bit. Looking forward to seeing you back on the island soon.

  2. Have you thought of publishing a guide to food and lodging along the way? Helen

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