25 May: Muttensweiler

Distance: 10.5 km
Elev: 65m up, 25m down, +40m net

Biberach is a busy place of a Saturday morning. The church has a wonderfully colorful Baroque interior.

And today is market day here. In addition to the fat white asparagus, the fresh strawberries and rhubarb are in. Also I see potted plants and spring vegetable seedlings.

The route leads along quiet back streets and then we are quickly in the countryside. Everyone was enjoying the stream.

Others are enjoying the fresh air on a Saturday morning with me: several different walking couples, some cyclists, even one group of children with a pony.

Reute has a nice Gasthof for lunch, and after a wooded hill and some small-town gardens I am in Muttensweiler mid-afternoon.

Dining. In Reute, Gasthof Hirsch is directly on the route and offers hospitable shelter from the weather. I enjoyed their Gemüse Rösti (Rösti is a Swiss dish, like hash browns), which included other vegetables along with the potatoes, very tasty!

At dinner, where I was expecting another meal alone in a tiny town, I am surprised to see other walkers! My friend Gregor from the other night, and Barbara from Stuttgart, and another fellow. Then four bicyclists rolled in -Germans working in North America – and a local couple came in later. We had a lively and very convivial evening.

Lodging. Gasthof Löwen in Muttensweiler is a small, family-run place. The accommodations are clean, modern and spacious. Free wifi in the restaurant. Highly recommended.


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