24 May: Biberach

Distance: 17 km on foot (+ transit Schemmergen to Biberach, which would be 18km on the Jakobsweg although the rail routes differ)
Elev: 55m up, 5m down, +55m net

After some ambiguously marked zigs and zags coming out of Oberdischingen I crossed the Danube …

… and continued through the river valley (Donautal) with its flat farmland regularly punctuated by farm villages. We’re still close enough to Ulm to have bus service into the central bus plaza, so I suspect most of these people commute to work. This is fairly flat and eminently bike-able; the bikeway (Radweg) folks think so too.

This is the land of everyday German Baroque; one finds the most remarkable altarpieces hiding in the most innocuous looking parish churches.

Also there are little wayside chapels, not every day but often. Usually these are at really welcome spots and I’m grateful for the chance to get out of the cold wind.

Apart from its being cold enough all morning to see my breath cloud, the worst of the day was that gratuitous hill (oh! Let’s go up just so we can go down!) at the end. I took the train from Schemmerberg (17.5 km) because I found that continuing to Äpfingen (22.5 km) was just too much, especially considering the whole day was asphalt walking, which is harder on the legs. To get to Äpfingen, one changes in Biberach, which would be the next day’s destination anyhow. So here I am in Biberach.

Dining. The Hotel-Restaurant Grünen Baum was only two blocks; good Swabian cooking and I managed to dodge the spaetzle. A pilsner, some bullion, and Maltauschen served with potatoes. Good, and almost more importantly, warming!

Lodging. The Hotel Drei Königs is directly on the Jakobsweg route and also centrally located on the market square. Very friendly and hospitable lady innkeeper, who speaks enough English. Rooms clean, modern, comfortable (the heat is on!) and spacious. Free wifi. Highly recommended.

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One response to “24 May: Biberach

  1. Barbara Jeantrout

    You go girl! Sounds like a great experience as like the other trips. Thanks for the food updates and beautiful shots of the churches and countryside. I look forward each day to your posts. Promise to cook for you when you return home. No spaetzle on the menu I promise!

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