20 May: Albeck

Distance: 19.5 km
Elev: 55m up. 45m down. +10m net

I hated to leave Stetten – could have stayed there a week. But the day dawns crisp and clear, so I must go on. Even though breakfast was on a holiday schedule (Pfingsten Montag/Whitmonday) I managed to get underway by 8:30. The day’s march was across a plateau of farmland and forest, with a light breeze that increasingly stiffened into an obnoxious headwind, that eventually brought scattered late afternoon thundershowers. With the holiday there are many walkers, jiggers, and cyclists about; even a riding club with 20 horses trotted by. The Germans love their leisure time outdoors. We crossed under the Autobahn at a rest area called Parkplaz St Jakob, for a chapel once located here.

Today is a long haul, the longest so far, and I managed to make it on schedule. The cool weather helped, and almost nothing in the way of hills. Until, of course, the end of the day, when I must go down a big hill and up the other side to reach the only lodging in this small, forgettable, partially industrialized Dorf. Robert Bosch was born here, and nothing interesting has happened since.

So I arrive at 4pm to find a sign saying “closed until 5:30”. Having been educated by earlier towns, I walked around the building until I found the back entrance, and Frau finally responded. If I hadn’t emailed for a reservation, I might have been out of luck.

Dining. The food at this Gasthof was ok. There was a Swabian wedding soup, with spaetzle bits and some tiny dumplings.

There was the German Mixed Salad, which is a standard item around here, with grated carrot salad, grated cabbage salad (two ways), and potato salad, all hiding under that lettuce.

The Jaegerschnitzel was tough, though.

Lodging. Gasthof Krone is directly on the Jskobsweg, and you really have to follow the waymarking and the guidebook notes to find it. Rooms clean and modern. My room had a nice view to the east and a balcony. I would have been happier if the heat were working (it has been in all the other hotels) and if the windows offered lightproof curtains (northern latitude makes for very late evening and early mornings). Off street parking and free wifi.

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2 responses to “20 May: Albeck

  1. Still traveling with you, and loving it.

  2. Pegge Ashcroft

    How goes it, dear traveler? Love reading your blogs and viewing your pics. Blessings on your trail (in every sense of the word.) And cheers,

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