16 May: Nördlingen

Distance: 13 km
Elev: up 5m, down 10m

This morning’s march took me through a few pleasant small towns, with an increasingly suburban quality, and I arrived in Nördlingen just ahead of lunch and a bit of rain. Since this is a city, with all the associated services, I took the opportunity to restock picnic supplies. The holiday weekend is coming up, with all the logistics uncertainty that goes along with it. I always enjoy other people’s grocery stores! Also on the premises was a Vietnamese eatery, so I had lunch there for a change.

Later in the afternoon I visited the Tourism Office to sort out the plan for the next few days. They had a map of the city – in Braille! You can clearly see the city wall, which is intact around its complete circle.

Of course the church steeple is the tallest point; many days I have been navigating from steeple to steeple.

Dining. The Altreuter has a Konditorei – Cafe, which was open for lunch and all afternoon but not for dinner. So I missed it!! The place next door was decidedly more basic, but at least I was able to get dinner.

Lodging. I’m at the Hotel Garni Altreuter, which has a terrific location directly on the route and across from the church. Rooms modern and moderately priced. Free wifi.


One response to “16 May: Nördlingen

  1. Audrey Van Voorhis

    Your journey sounds wonderful-look forward to your daily postings 🙂

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