12 Mar: Hue Finery

The contrast between the upcountry area around Khe Sahn and Hue is like the contrast between the hollers of Kentucky and downtown San Francisco, except the buildings are not quite so tall. Hue was the national capital from 1802 until 1945, and it has major universities. It is also within reasonable travel range from Australia. So – this is a big, bustling place with lots of Caucasians in the mix, lots of hotels and eateries and other tourist services.

Tailors, for instance. Our PeaceTrees leader has a tailor here, so of course we all trooped over to see. She made jackets and tunics and pants for those of us who had not bought ao dai in Dong Ha, and they were delivered the next evening.

And bars. We stopped in one for a cold drink after shopping.

And food! We treated ourselves to a French restaurant located in the old citadel, where we had the option of Western food. I had salad (which we have been carefully avoiding throughout the trip for as a food sanitation precaution) with quail eggs:

And penne pasta with a sauce made from bleu d’Auverne, my favorite French blue cheese:

A truly memorable meal!

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