6 Mar: Six Bars and Counting

Truly. Six bars (or at least, places that serve liquor) in one day. All I can say is: the beer is safe, the water is not.

Mid-morning, after the market visit, there was a stop at a sidewalk cafe for beer and fruit juice (not together!). We visited the Museum of Saigon History, which covered everything from 1200AD onwards. That necessitated a stop for … More beer/juice. Lunch I mentioned in the previous post. After the GPO and downtown walkabout, some of us headed for the shopping street (and scored some lovely silk shawls) while my group headed back, via a stop at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Rex, site of the American military press briefings during the war. The three of us went through 3 liters of water together, in addition to the … Beer and juice.

There was wine with dinner, and then everyone headed back to the Rex rooftop. That’s a very long drinks menu, requiring much pondering (above)! I settled on a Ginger Mojito (below). It was a lovely way to end the day, overlooking the heart of downtown with all sorts of lights and colors.

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2 responses to “6 Mar: Six Bars and Counting

  1. Wow, are you guys ever going to live this confession down?!? I think not…..

  2. Thanks for sharing again! Your fine descriptions brought back lots of memories of our trip to Vietnam about 5 years ago. Do remember that Saigon was sultry hot and incredibly crowded but fascinating too. Are there still about 6 scooters to every person in the city–all on the road at the same time? Lois

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