6 Mar: Foretaste of Things to Come

For breakfast, the Vietnamese national dish is pho, the noodle soup with various additions to taste. When we were in the market yesterday morning, the stall vendors all had trays of these big bowls going.

Our lunch was at a place that specialized in street food; so we had a tableful of wondrous an strange dishes. There was a sautéed water spinach, grilled beef and pork with seasonings, grilled squid, deep fried soft shell crabs, and some Hue pancakes – crispy affairs one stuffs with the accompanying grilled meats and assorted greens. Delicious!

But the high point of the day was the evening meal, at a very special restaurant run by an artist. Her lacquerware decorated the walls. The dishes were all from Hue, which was the ancient court city (think the kaiseki cuisine philosophy for Japan). So these are artfully fashioned and delicately seasoned. The speciality was steamed dumplings (see above) as well as fresh spring rolls filled with grilled meats and fish (below).

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One response to “6 Mar: Foretaste of Things to Come

  1. My mouth is watering. Helen

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