6 Mar: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Oh my goodness this was a long trip! How long? Long enough to fly from Paris to Seattle and then take a connecting flight to New York. Long enough to watch four feature films and two 90-minute episodes of Sherlock Holmes. In all, door to door, 26 hours. But Asiana Airlines was great, and all nine of us arrived with our bags. After checking in and unwinding, we finally turned in about 1:30 am.

So today is our only day in HCMC, and at 97 degrees and a population of ten million, I suspect that is enough for this trip. Our hotel is very centrally located; everything is a five minute walk. This morning we visited the main market, which is a riot of sensory overload. More different kinds of fish and shellfish than I could name, all prettily arranged in delicious looking piles. All sorts of produce, both recognizable and strange. Google Dragonfruit, for example. And a peach that was the color of a tomato and shaped like a tulip. Pig tails including the curl. There was a general merchandise section also. The individual stalls were absolutely crammed with interesting colors and textures.

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5 responses to “6 Mar: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

  1. Oh, my! What a riot of color! Enjoy this experience!

  2. What visual eye candy! Have fin!

  3. Glad you arrived safely and looking forward to following your travels!

  4. This brings fond memories of my first day in Bancock in 1989.

  5. Thanks for including the pictures! jim

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