VN: Packed and Ready

I’m packed and (mostly) ready for this trip with Peace Trees Viet Nam, starting tomorrow. It’s a very long haul, changing in Seoul and arriving Ho Chi Minh City near midnight Tuesday local time. But this will be my first time in Viet Nam (we didn’t have diplomatic relations when I was last in east Asia with the Navy in the early-90’s) and also Korea. There’s a long layover on the return through Seoul, so I will get to see a bit of the city then.

Peace Trees Viet Nam was founded by a member of our parish (, in memory of her brother who was killed in the war. This NGO was the first non-profit allowed access once relations were established with the US in 1995, and they have worked tirelessly to help mend the damage of war. Their focus is the region of the former demilitarized zone, with its hazards of unexploded ordnance. They educate the populace in safety practices, and plant trees in the deforested areas, and build kindergartens. We will be visiting a number of these sites.

In addition, we will spend a few days in Ho Chi Minh City at the beginning, and in Hanoi at the end, of our itinerary. More later!

4 responses to “VN: Packed and Ready

  1. So you are off again! Having visited Vietnam about 6 years ago, I will follow your blog with great interest to learn what changes have occurred in this rapidly transforming country. Thanks for sharing with me. Of course, I will also eagerly follow you on the next leg of your “pilgrimage” walk too. Kay & I leave for a couple of safari visits in South Africa on the same day you get back from Vietnam. We will gone until April 3rd. Enjoy the Vietnam experience–in so many ways, it is emotional, maddening, hopeful, and fascinating to visit this country which has figured so largely in American lives and attitudes. And the young Vietnamese we met were so “over” the War since they really didn’t go through it themselves. Their attitude when we were there was “China controlled our country for a thousand years; America was here for only 20! A tiny drop in our bucket of history so why do we want to bother about it?” Refreshing, a little scary but probably healthy! Enjoy!

    • Thanks so much for the insights! And enjoy your safaris – I was in Kenya in 1983, have not been back since. Would be interesting to see how things have/not changed since. We can swap tales when we return!

  2. Have fun! Send photos.

  3. Audrey Van Voorhis

    Safe and wonderful trip!!

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