8 Jun 12: Kastl to Sindlbach (bus)

My plan had been to take the bus from Kastl to Trautmannshofen, involving a bus transfer at Neumarkt. This would leave me a 11km walk downhill into Sindlbach and about 3 hours to do it, putting my arrival about 5:30pm.

Alas, the bus system had other ideas, since this seems to be a continuation of yesterday’s holiday. So, I was not able to catch a bus leaving Kastl until 1245, and the bus through Trautmannshofen was not running at all. A nerve wracking hour later, a bus heading through Sindlbach appeared and so I took it. And a good thing too, as the heavens opened up and the downpour began the moment I set foot inside the bus. If I had been walking, I would have been thoroughly drenched despite my rain gear – it rained that hard and long and the route was out in the open, with no sheltering trees. So I was very glad of the bus, actually.

The frustrating thing is, none of the highly computerized signs at the otherwise well integrated Neumarkt transit center had any knowledge of the change in bus schedules due to the holiday. This seems very odd to me, in a country that is in so many other ways so very orderly. Neumarkt seems like a big place, larger than Schwandorf. The suburbs extend quite a ways – I suspect this is within commuting range of Nürmburg.

My lodgings tonight are directly on the Jakobsweg, very nicely kitted out (Ikea must be making a fortune in the gasthaus trade). Dinner was a splendid plate of fried fish (it being Friday and all, a nice change from pork) with home-fries and a tall pilsner.

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