6 Jun 12: Hohenburg to Kastl

Distance: 13.5 km
Climbing: 40m up

Frau has laid out a lovely breakfast, with meats, breads, cheeses, yogurt and – eggs!

Mercifully, as I am still tired from yesterday, today’s route lies along an asphalted bike path, following a stream up the valley. It is gentle, it is picturesque, it is benign. Up on the heights overlooking it is less benign however, as the American military uses that area for field training exercises.

My noon halt was on a shady bench, with a soft breeze, and a babbling brook, and birdsong for company. Just immersively tranquil. And at that point I won free of the asphalt, being grateful for the sandy replacement.

The Germans are nuts for asparagus, which has a short season here. So dinner was an asparagus and ham strudel (in German very alliterative: spargel und schinken strudel) with a glass of Riesling (well, two). And as a treat I ordered dessert, fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream.

Kastl has an old Kloster, and the complex is atop a hill. Fortunately my night’s lodgings are not.

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One response to “6 Jun 12: Hohenburg to Kastl

  1. Such interesting commentary. Beautiful photos, too.

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