Gasthäuser (Guesthouses)

Guesthouses in Germany differ from their counterparts in France. Americans would call them a country inn. These are surprisingly large buildings, 3 or 4 stories, typically built of the thermal brick with stuccoed exterior that is so common here. On the ground floor is the restaurant (seating around 30) with small bar (for the beer taps), and the kitchen. On the first floor (one up from ground) is the family residence. This generally seems to include an aging parent or other close relative, as well as school-aged children.

Guest rooms are on the upper floor(s). Some have bathrooms en suite, while others have facilities down the hall. If there is not a sitting area in the room, then there is a shared one off the hall.

The gasthaus restaurant is in fact the local pub; this is where the local men gather for beer and cards. Although the deck they were using last night was unfamiliar: fewer cards and some very ornate designs.

Local beers and wines are stocked in the bar, although nit everyone has draft beer. Some even make their own schnapps. The quality of the food has ranged from trained-chef to forgettable-greasy-spoon, but I never leave hungry.

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