3 Jun 12: Hohenirlach to Schwandorf

Distance: 13 km
Climbing: 75m up and 75m down

The route runs mostly level through a lovely lakes district today. Level is a good thing, as I am racing bad weather. I succeeded in outrunning the thunderstorms, but the Mosquitos were a different matter altogether. Some of the lakes were man-made, when a former brown-coal mine was exhausted and the landscape restored, some 20 years ago. The wildlife love this nature preserve: geese and swans and one of those huge (20 lb.) rabbits.

I ran into a number of people out walking their dogs (it being a lovely Sunday morning). One couple stopped to chat; they had lived in the US a few years (Dayton) and Prague, so we compared notes on our parallel paths.

My lodgings are the same as my previous stop here in Schwandorf; it was nice to be recognized and handed the key to the same room! Fortunately I was in time for Sunday midday dinner: mixed salad, sumptuous roast beef with a buttery bread dumpling and enough Au jus to float a battleship, washed down with a glass of Merlot (one can only drink so much beer). What a feast!

Dinner was a similar, if lighter, pleasure. For a starter, a nice soup with a good broth and tiny liver dumplings. The main was two generous skewers of grilled shrimp on a bed of salad, aioli on the side. Very tasty! Afterwards I had a nice chat with an Australian cyclist from Melbourne, making his way from Hamburg to Regensburg. Conversation in English has been scarce; apparently my German is good enough that people respond as if I actually knew what I was talking about, which is not the case at all!!

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One response to “3 Jun 12: Hohenirlach to Schwandorf

  1. Pegge Ashcroft

    WOW, that IS a big bunny! Maybe you could round one up, put a saddle on ’em, and whoop it into the next town! (course, then you’d be obligated to buy it a beer….course then you’d have to ask if the local drinking hole accepts big bunnies…..and do big bunnies drink German beer? Perhaps they prefer American…..you know, this could get complicated……….)

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