Czech Cooking

I suppose the first thing I should say is that the portions here are HUGE. Unfortunately I cannot make the type any larger, so I will settle for repeating myself: HUGE. Two can make a nice meal off one plate.

Meat tends to be pork or chicken; that includes a variety of cured pork and sausages. Beef occasionally appears as Goulash (braised beef stew), and turkey also appears either as cutlets or roasted.

The distinctive feature is the dumpling, which can be based either on bread or potatoes. The bread dumplings I have had are quite light and fluffy, somewhat like a steamed pork bo bun without the filling. The potato dumpling is stouter, more resembling fried polenta in density. The purpose of dumplings is to sop up the gravy of course!

I was surprised at how different Czech cooking was from German; it is definitely a regional cuisine, good and stout to fuel the walker.

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