29 May: Schwandorf to Eslarn (transit)

In Schwandorf there are (at least) four churches. At any rate, there are four with carillons. At six this morning, they each rang in turn! Which is to say, no one in town sleeps later than six. As I recall the French are more civilized and wait until seven. The same process occurs at nine at night.

The gasthaus in Schwandorf had a lovely view out over the Naab River, despite the low early morning clouds. I began the day with a 30 minute train from Schwandorf to Weiden-oberpfalz, whence I rode a Regional bus to Eslarn, which took about an hour. My bus driver Martin was talkative and we had a rather nice conversation in German. Arrived Eslarn about 1115 and decided to continue with the plan to walk to Czech border for lunch. The round trip from Eslarn to border and return is about 10 km, which I thought would be a nice warmup walk, given that I had not walked at all for the eight days since my accident.

Oh it was so nice to be on the road again! On my feet again! The border area was unremarkable except for some signs (shown here) and a duty-free shop which had – praise be! – potato chips. My first potato chips in a month. One of my occasional hobbies is trying out different flavors of chips; so I opted for the “paprika and tomato” bag for today, keeping the “ham and Swiss fondue” for tomorrow. Not bad, a bit sweeter than the “barbecue” chip flavor in the US. Alas the shop did not have sunglasses of any sort; I had lost my Oakley’s (the good ones, personalized, that I got for Afghanistan) last year behind some bush in France. And I lost the inexpensive replacements in my fall in the Czech ravine last week. So I will continue hunting.

The dinner tonight at my gasthaus in Eslarn was great: cream of (wild local) mushroom soup, pork medallions with peppercorn sauce and Rosti potatoes washed down with a glass of nice dry Grüner Veltliner. Wunderbar!

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3 responses to “29 May: Schwandorf to Eslarn (transit)

  1. Sally Billington

    Happy that you’re back on the road and feeling stronger.

  2. it’s great that you are “on the road again afoot”! Guess you are now in Germany? I was a little confused because I thought you had taken the train to Germany when you left your “rehab facility” in the Czech Republic. The potato chips sounded like ambrosia to you.. Hope you find some sunglasses soon? Good walking!

  3. Pegge Ashcroft

    Love the Schwandorf photo! Love your use of “whence”, too. Perhaps as a little challenge you could snuggle in the word “whilst” nicely in some appropriate place? Words like that perk up a sentence like nothing else!

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