Kayaking on the Berounka

In addition to camping, this spot turns out to be a very popular launching point for kayak and canoe trips. I have seen several trailers of the “multiple kayak rack” variety, fully loaded, and groups of thirty or so. They start with an overnight tent camp here, then load gear back into duffles and launch boats. I assume the boat trailers catch them at some point downstream.

This would be a good river for that: mostly looks like Class 1 or 2 (in a few spots). There are a few very mild rapids I have seen, more like riffles. The challenge would be shooting the chutes in the weirs, with their two – foot drops.

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2 responses to “Kayaking on the Berounka

  1. Pegge Ashcroft

    Sounds like a good people-watching spot, this camping place of yours. People watching is one of my favorite activities.

  2. Cool! Your recuperation is giving you a chance to get more involved in the local life. Silver lining.

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