I’m not sure you can tell from this picture, but these are some wonderfully well fed rabbits; the size of Scottish Terriers I would say, so that makes about 20 pounds. They seemed to find my presence … Intrusive.

In the woods I hear a wide variety of birdsong every morning. There is of course the actual cuckoo, whose song amazingly resembles the famous clocks. And the black-and-white of the magpie, which is related to our American crows socially if not genetically. In the woods I have come by songbird-sized things with gold feathers, and cousins with blue. I have not seen anything with red trim, nor have I heard woodpeckers. On the river of course I see wood ducks of a few types, and the occasional swan.

No squirrels have caught my eye, though with all these oaks surely there must be some. While waiting for my rescuers that afternoon, a river otter (also large and well fed) popped his head up in the middle of the river, but I never saw him again.

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One response to “Fauna

  1. I love your comments on the birds. The scenery is amazing. My first experience with the sound of a cuckoo was in the Swiss Alps sleeping out in the open in a high mountain meadow. I was amazed at how the sound carried through the meadow – as if it were on loud speaker. You are on quite the adventure!

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