24 May 12: Haying Time

During my week of walking here in CZ, which was about half forest, one third meadow, and the remainder farm roads and small towns, I was struck by some distinctive features of the landscape. Its shape, for one thing: there are underlying shale faults that have gentler eastern slopes but precipitate western ones. Westbound is definitely the better direction for walking!

Another is the forest mix: almost entirely deciduous, oak and birch with some smaller patches of very tall evergreens. The understory is quite open.

And the meadows! Lots and lots, and lots and lots, of meadows. Many with wildflowers blooming. Not the first strand of barbed wire anywhere and precious few log pole corrals. Or cows – only two small herds spotted. This seems to be too prosperous a farming area to just have meadows for no purpose. Today some of that mystery was resolved. The property adjacent to my camping-place is an area perhaps the size of a football field or more. A very nice meadow there; until yesterday when the hay mower came through and left neat rows of cut hay behind. Today the rest of the machinery came through: a “hay sucker” accompanied by a string of rapidly filled hay trucks. No baling done, or rolling. And I don’t know where all the loose hay gets carted off to. But this being mid May, I imagine they can get in another crop before frost in the fall. Not being a farm person, I find these agricultural mysteries fascinating.

Watching the grass being cut is about the only activity of interest today. Wounds are continuing to mend. I’ve been painted with some sort of purple disinfectant solution that stains everything in sight, so I’ll need to get past this stage before I can go onward in a few more days.

Onward likely looks like a bus to near the German border (I really would like the satisfaction of at least ending the CZ Section on foot if I can manage). And then short stages in the direction of Nuremburg as I feel able to do. I’m very wary of walking alone on the CZ trails at this point, since there are no other walkers about.

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2 responses to “24 May 12: Haying Time

  1. Pegge Ashcroft

    What a journey! I love “traveling in your pocket”– thanks to your handy dandy techno instruments. Love the photos, too. More of those, please! (Ha, spoil the public and they just get demanding- have you noticed?!)

    Love to you, Pegge

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Continue the mend.

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