22-23 May 12: More R & R

This is a pastoral, bucolic spot, this camping-ground on the banks of the Berounka where I am continuing to recuperate. Perhaps the size of a football field, with the river running along the long south side, and the bridge along the east end zone. There are small caravans (RV trailers) parked here, some occupied. And a beach-house type apartment where I am currently lodged (has indoor bath and a kitchenette). And the huts with bunk beds (toilet next door, shower across the way) where I stayed my first night here. Also a large lawn, the size of a Little League softball field, where tent campers set up. And a restaurant with terrace overlooking the river weir, attached to the host family living quarters. On my first night here, Saturday, the place had quite a crowd, even though it is early in the season. Now it is midweek and I am the only guest (although I do see a few people stirring in the caravan section from time to time); certainly the restaurant is not open to the public. High season starts the last week of June.

Medically, I continue to heal and recover my strength. Today my nurse removed the last of the damp dressings and painted me with something that looked like Prussian Blue, which she said was a disinfectant, to help the oozes to dry up.

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3 responses to “22-23 May 12: More R & R

  1. – what an adventure. I’m glad you are recuperating. The scenery looks marvelous.

  2. Sally Billington

    Hi – continue to check on your progress and am thankful that you are mending. People here are gearing up for Mem. Day weekend, so campsites are getting full and I see RVs sitting in driveways looking like they are being loaded. Look forward to more news from your journey. Heal well and take your time.

  3. Sounds like you are continuing to be wise about your travels. The more rest and recuperation the better before you start out again. Have you decided how you will continue–by public transportation til you reach a better marked trail area–France, Germany? Or are your options still open? We are following your travels closely and enjoying your blogs.

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