16 May 12: Karlstein to Beroun

Distance: 13.8 km. (5.5 by bus)
Elevation: about 1000 ft total in three sections

The weather forecast for today had originally been quite wretched, but the pavement was drying and the sky was brightening when I awoke, so I thought I would make a go of it. More climbing, more lovely forest which is quite dark on a cloudy day. The woods are filled with birdsong (this is a daily occurrence) which is my only companionship – I am not seeing other walkers at all. Near the towns I sometimes see an afternoon stroller or two, or a retiree with a daypack. No one with a long distance pack. And the innkeepers are not accustomed to seeing long distance walkers here either: they think I’m crazy. No one besides the church in Prague has a design on their stamp (I’m seeing a business opportunity here).

Anyway, I pretty much have the woods to myself, which caused some concern today. As in, if I sprained an ankle or broke a leg I would be in real trouble (have zero cell reception most places). News flash: wet rocks are slick! And so the rain made the stony and rocky sections very slippery and treacherous on the steep descent. I was having to very carefully pick my way along into the little hermit’s shrine where I stopped for lunch. After I enjoyed my sandwich, I noticed that black cloud overhead and the wind coming up. Then I noticed the bus stop sign. Then I noticed the college-age girl sitting under the bus shelter. Yes, the bus to Beroun stops there, and I can pay the driver when I board. Looking at the rain and mountainside I had just avoided, it was the right decision.

Beroun is a good sized place (50,000+?), with a good sized regional bus service. Since the stage for tomorrow is 24 km with lots of ups and downs and there is no lodging at the halfway town, I may try the same tactic in reverse: bus the first half then walking the remainder of the stage.

Lodging: Hotel Na Ostrově

Address: Na Ostrově 816, 266 01 Beroun

Phone:  +420 311 713 100  Email: recepce@naostrove.cz

URL: http://www.naostrove.cz/

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