14 May 12: Prague to Radotin

Distance: 19 km
Elevation: flat
Wx: Partly cloudy, 68F

Yesterday I visited the Kostel sv. Jakuba (St. James Basilica) here to get my pilgrim credential stamped, since my hotel was some distance in the intended direction already. I started at 1130 from the tram stop (17 tram) directly north of the big railway bridge on the south side of Prague, and reached Radotin at 1630 including all stops and breaks. The route ran along the Moldau a short ways, and some suburban thoroughfares, before detouring past the chapel of Philip and John. Then I picked up the “A1” bike path, part of the Pan-European bike path, which was a two lane country byway, paved, with no vehicle traffic. Peonies, iris, candytuft and alliums were in bloom here. A pair of swans was shepherding their cygnets along the river. I was paralleling both tram and rail, which would be a good option to Radotin (tram) or Beroun (rail) if one encountered schedule or weather difficulties. After a while the route returned to the Moldau bank, which was very pleasant. Noticed some pigs on the local (canine) agility training course; not sure what that’s about. Not long after, my Guardian Angel (who is definitely working overtime) saved me (again). The route guide for the Czech section dates from 2008; I did email the author as to whether there were corrections and he said not. However, it is shorter by at least 2 km to NOT cross the big highway bridge over the Berounka. A local woman was very concerned by my multiple attempts to misdirect myself, so finally she walked a mile with me to get me on the right track. Just continue on the A1 bikeway, passing under the big highway bridge over the Berounka. Stay on the west bank all the way into Radotin. (The described route crosses back over the Berounka via a second bridge, immediately before entering town.) Centrum with rail/bus station and hotel is to your right; route onward to Karlstein is to your left. I am immensely grateful for my hotel, which is giving me private room, private bath, and breakfast for USD 25. However I suspect this is a converted postwar Communist era apartment block, complete with a truly scary elevator (manual doors, open access to the walls as they slide by) and plumbing discarded elsewhere in the mid-70s. They were easy to find (hotel across from train station- works every time).

Lodging:  Hotelovy dum Radotin

Address: Vrážská 1165, 15300, Praha 5 – Radotín

Phone:  +420 257 911 719      Email:  marsickova@hotelradotin.cz

URL: www.hotelradotin.cz

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