14 May 12: Logistics Notes on Beginning Pilgrim Walk in Prague

One tries to plan these difficult evolutions in advance; perhaps one gets credit for trying. Since I am wrapping up a two week river cruise and them walking for a month before ending in Paris for three days, I needed to get my suitcase with its city clothes shipped to Paris. We had discussed this with the hotel front desk, and Person #1 said “No problem”, but then the day in question turned out to not be her duty day, so everything fell on person #2. DHL quoted a price of USD 450; post office quoted USD 150. Finally we settled on UPS for USD 200 for four days delivery, with tracking. However, they required the suitcase be wrapped (probably a good idea in any event). The hotel was fresh out of wrapping materials. The corner grocery carried 60L trash bags and rolls of cling film (a US standard 40-gallon leaf or construction bag would have been perfect). Of course the bags were too small, so I slit up the side of 4 bags and fit them together, then wrapped North-South and East-West with the cling film. The other denizens of the hotel lobby were most amused by my antics. I handed over the wrapped bag and the cash to the desk clerk and am hoping for the best.

We had been warned (several times) about pickpockets in Prague, and I had my wallet picked yesterday in the church vestibule. Fortunately I noticed my empty pocket immediately warns was able to make a recovery from the young woman who had it in hand. This is my 43rd country visited, and the first time pickpocketed, so beware!

Those of you in the August backpacking group will recall an equipment discussion on bras. I have changed my mind: previously, I said the best bra is one that fits. Now, I think the best bra is one you have with you, not left at home or shipped to Paris. I’m not sure I can go a month on one bra; but I can probably buy one when I get to Germany in ten days. Any German-speakers in the audience have some suggestions?

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