End of the Road: 2011

Originally I had hoped to get as far as Ronceveaux this year. However, from very early in the trip this year I have been plagued by pain in my left foot; very likely plantar fasciitis in spite of my many preventive measures. When it flares up, it feels like someone is hammering an iron spike up into my ankle, with each step. Sometimes a little ibuprofen will take enough edge off the pain that I can continue. But not today, and not in this heat. The mountains will have to wait for another trip.


3 responses to “End of the Road: 2011

  1. I also developed plantar fasciitis, but after concluding my walk in 2010 and then walking the Inca Trail in Peru. It finally went away and has not returned (yet)! I am about to depart for the Via Gebennensis, one week from today. I am surprised at how hot your 2011 journey was. (In April/May 2010 on this route, it was mainly chilly and wet). I am wondering if you ever found a guide to pilgrim sites in Paris, as we will be there 2 days before heading to Geneva. I know about St. Denis and the Tour de St. Jacque and the Rue St. Jacques. I am wondering if I am missing something. I haven’t had much luck searching on the web. My blog with the two parts of my 2010 journey is caminobleu.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Linnea,
      Apart from the CSJ pamphlet about sites in Paris (which I had, in hand, in Paris, but got distracted and did not pursue visitation), I have no info on the sites in Paris. I’m sorry.
      On the Gebennensis, watch out for the (lack of) waymarkings. If you have GPS capability (either on a dedicated device or iphone) it would be helpful. Friend of mine walked that route this May, and was continually missing turns (walking dozens of extra kms). Bon chemin!

      • Thank you. I am following the blog now! Very nice! I’m afraid we won’t have gps or iphone, just a little old ipod and a basic phone for which I need to buy a French sim card (currently has a Spanish one). But, we will be vigilant! I have never met anyone who didn’t get lost at least once, and often several times on their “private” caminos. Linnea

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