Duck Pizza

Menu offerings at Le Chat Botte, Aire sur l’Adour

Alsacienne: olives, onions, bacon, emmental, creme fraiche

Americaine: tomato, olives, ground beef, emmental, omelette

Angelica: tomato, olives, smoked salmon, emmental, creme fraiche

Antillaise: tomato, olives, peppers, shrimp, mussels, banana, emmental, curry

Axoa: tomato, ground beef, peppers, onions, emmental

Basquaise: tomato, olives, peppers, onions, ham, emmental, eggs

Bergere: tomato, olives, mushrooms, chorizo, roquefort, chevre, emmental

Bianca: olives, chevre, onions, apples, emmental, creme fraiche

Bolognaise: tomato, olives, ground beef, onions, emmental

Calabraise: tomato, olives, chorizo, chevre, onions, emmental

Chalossaise: tomato, duck breast, duck gizzards,olives, emmental

Charentaise: mussels, onions, white wine, creme fraiche, emmental

Chorizo: tomato, olives, chorizo, emmental

Claudio: tomato, olives, jambon blanc, emmental

Creole: tomatoes, olives, peppers,chicken breast, bananas, grapes, emmental, curry

Dijonnaise: chicken, onion, mustard, creme fraiche, emmental

Fromagere: tomato, olives, jambon blanc, mushrooms, chevre, emmental

Gersoise: armagnac, foie gras, creme fraiche, emmental

Kebab: tomato, sauce kebab, onions, veal, chicken, spice, olives, emmental

Landaise: foie gras, smoked duck breast, sweet grapes, creme fraiche, emmental

Luzienne: tomato, olives,shrimp, tuna, mussels, emmental

Marguerite: tomato, olives, emmental

Napolitaine: tomato, olives,anchovies, emmental

Nicoise: tomato, olives, chorizo, emmental, omelette

Nordique: smoked salmon, onions, lemon, basilic, creme fraiche, emmental

Paysanne: tomato, olives, duck confit, bacon, emmental

Parmentier: potatoes, ground beef, onions, creme fraiche, emmental

Parisienne: tomato, jambon blanc, mushrooms, olives, emmental

Petit Poucet: tomato, olives, jambon blanc, Strasbourg sausage, emmental

Pizzabeille: tomato, olives, jambon blanc, chevre, emmental, honey

Primavera: tomato, olives, jambon blanc, mushrooms, emmental, eggs,creme fraiche

Quatre Fromages: tomato, olives, roquefort, chevre, mimolette, mozzarella

Quatre Saisons: tomato, olives, mushrooms, peppers, onions, potatoes, emmental

Regina: tomatoes, olives, peppers, chorizo, emmental

Reine: tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, emmental

Rodeo: tomato, olives, chicken breast, onions, emmental, eggs, paprika

Roquefort: tomato, olives, jambon blanc, mushrooms, chorizo, roquefort, emmental


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