21 Sep 11: Dubarry to Aire-sur-l’Adour

Route: Dubarry to Aire-sur-l’adour (14 km)

A beautiful sunrise and a crisp morning, strolling through the vineyards. Slowly I begin to realize the rising sun is steadily in my face, but my route is westward. One would think that a good grade in Celestial Navigation all those years ago in officer training would equip one for such basic observations. Ah well.

Not much on this walk today: 6 km of sunny weedy straightaway, lumpy and painful to walk, and a nice town at the end. The cathedral here is quite spectacular and may be a UNESCO heritage site; if not, it should be.

Lodging: HR Chez L’Ahumat is an old style family run hotel but the restaurant is closed today. Seems I only plan to stay in a town on closing day! Madame gives me a key to the back door and (I think) a lecture in French about not losing it. I met a Norwegian couple who were on the train to Le Puy last year and remembered me.

Dinner: duck pizza (seriously!)


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