19 Sep 11: Rest Day in Nogoro

Rest Day in Nogoro
I discovered some toe blisters in addition to the persistent arch soreness, so a rest day is well timed. There are differing theories of rest: some hold to rest days in interesting places – I tried that last year in Conques and Moissac – and walked all day. Others hold to rest days in dull places – I’m trying that this time. Only walked 2 blocks to Tourism Office to sort some future reservations. Very threatening clouds but no rain here. A nap and more French language study in the afternoon.

Cuisine: Lunch at hotel was a pork chop with seethed potatoes (I’d been smelling the onions all morning), starter same as last night, strawberry ice cream and wine. All for EUR 12.80 complete! Sous chef on duty for dinner: same starter plate, a large thin tough pan fried steak, almost too salty to eat, green beans ditto, leftover potatoes from lunch, prefab creme brûlée. Yet these people have one of the better breakfasts: yogurt, cheese, ham, whole fruit. Hotels are still pricier than gite rooms or CH.


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