18 Sep 11: Eauze to Nogoro

Route: Eauze to Nogoro (20km)
Gently rolling countryside with many vineyards and a few cornfields. It rained overnight but stopped by morning leaving a chill overcast. It’s very pleasant walking in the cool! Various threats of rain – break out the poncho and take a break – then it passes over. Finally see some sun in the afternoon, alongside a huge thunderhead that drops ita load just after checking into the hotel. This is a small town, closed up tight for Sunday afternoon. But the self service laundry is open 7/7 and has procedural directions in English, so I have clean dry clothes – a real treat! For the past 6 days I have been walking with a Swiss-American woman from Seattle, who has been a cheerful listener.

Lodging: HR Le Commerce is a family-run hotel right on the GR. Madame grows orchids.

Cuisine: The hotel has demi-pensione so a simple salad plate with tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas dressed in vinagrette, and a tasty skirt steak with potatoes; praline glacee for dessert.


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