17 Sep 11: Montreal-du-Gers to Eauze

Route: Montreal-du-Gers to Eauze (16.5km)
We had thunder, lightning and some rain overnight; in fact it was still sprinkling at breakfast, which caused me some anxiety. But it did stop, leaving an overcast and cool day which was most welcome. Mid 60s and gray – yay! Seattle weather! Route gently rolling at first, then followed an old railroad right of way, well overgrown with shade trees and flat, most of the way. The exception was at a profusely but ambiguously marked crossroads, which stumped the 5 of us there at the time. We split 3 ways and I did see everyone later on the right path so it turned out ok. That was the only real excitement of the day. There are so many Normands walking (3 more from le Havre, a new group). There can’t be anyone left at home. Two Austrian women from near Linz. Eauze has good signage at town entry and responsive Tourism Office staff. Also has more church than town (along with La Romieu and Condom, all 3 having been bishoprics in the past). The French version of “all hat and no cattle” I suppose. This is Saturday so a grocery run is necessary to cover the Sunday-Monday drought.

Lodging: HR La Triana. This is a bare-bones but well-located hotel. Restaurant was closed for dinner but others in town were open.


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