Observations Agrique

Of course this is all agricultural country. Sunflowers are a major crop here – for the oil. The ripe flowers with their heavy drooping heads are left to dry brown in the sun before harvest.  I see quite a lot of sorghum which is used as animal fodder. They must ship it elsewhere because I certainly don’t see that many cows about.

The chestnut trees are hard at work; all our US trees were lost to the blight a century ago so we’re not used to seeing these. Beautiful shade trees but messy in the city when the nuts fall. (Wikipedia says the US have developed a blight-resistant strain of American chestnut, using a gene from the Asian variety. So we can look forward to a major reforestation effort in the next few years. These trees were once a quarter of all the eastern American forest, with straight trunks branchless for the first 50 feet, and very tightly grained wood that was highly prized for woodworking.)

I see roses still blooming everywhere, along with more seasonal dahlias and cockscomb.

Summer was late to get started here too, with a terribly wet July that ruined the famous local melon crop.


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