Le Procedure Sanitaire

A few observations that apply to almost every day of my walking. Occasionally one is able to find WC’s at a useful time, but generally one goes about watering the bushes. In France there is a special procedure of this as with most things.

First one must find a location out of view of the main trail, even if there is no one else immediately visible. Generally there are breaks in the hedgerows or somesuch for this.

I always leave my pack and poles by the road – I cannot manage the balancing act with the pack on. However, and this part is very important, take the tissue packet in your pocket, in case you have success beyond your ambitions.

Once you have your targeted bush, you have to set your alignment; squarely up or down hill is best. Diagonal trajectories have undesirable effects on the shoes.

There, don’t you feel better now?


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